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Going to Surabaya



Juanda International Airport caters hundred flights every day from domestic and international destinations. There are direct flight to 30 domestic cities and more than 10 countries. The government has just developed international arrival and departure terminal to upgrade the service with international standards.




Surabaya is a biggest port for the East Indonesia region. There are many either vessel, ferry or cruise ship passed by Tanjung Perak Port every day. Recently, the Tanjung Perak Port develops a new tourism destination called Surabaya North Quay, where the visitors can enjoy the panoramic landscape of Madura Island from the distance and enjoying traditional food.



There are two big train stations in Surabaya; Pasar Turi Train Station, this is the final port when you are travelling through north lane from Jakarta, Semarang and some cities in the north of Java Island. Wonokromo Train Station, at the south Surabaya, Gubeng Train Station at the city centre and Stasiun Kota on the north is the final port for the south lane of Java Island. There are also some train schedule for you who want to explore the cities around Surabaya, such as Sidoarjo – local handmade bags, shoes, fish and embroidery or Mojokerto – the city of ancient cultural sites.



In the south there is Purabaya or Bungurasih Bus and Public Transport Station. Every day many passengers from different cities come and go. Bus which schedules to travel to the city at different island usually arrive and depart in the night, while for some towns in the island are available 24 hours.


Rent Car

In Surabaya there are many car rental providers. The hotel has partnered with Golden Bird for your convenient travelling.










Explore Surabaya

City Bus and Public Transportation

The city is just improving public transport services. The last few weeks the government has to provide new public transport for more comfortable travel.


Becak is the most traditional transportation. In Surabaya, some main roads do not allow tricycles to pass by. The rate is negotiable with the driver.


The hotel has partnered with Golden Bird for your convenient stay and travelling. Please contact our Welcome Desk for further information.




Reach the Hotel


From Tanjung Perak Port leads through south to Jalan Perak Timur, turn left at Jalan Rajawali take the right side road and turn right before Jembatan Merah. Straight a few meters to reach TuguPahlawan intersection, go to Jalan Gemblogan, Jalan Tunjungan, Jalan Gubernur Suryo then turns right and stay on the right side for a right turn from Bambu Runcing or Jalan Embong Sawo. At the Basuki Rahmat T-junction turn right and stay on the left until you find Tunjungan Plaza 4.


From JL Raya Ir. Soekarno or Middle East Ring Road (MERR) goesstraight entering Jl Arif Rahman Hakim, turn left at Kertajaya Indah intersection. Straight about 5 km into the Jalan Manyar Kertoarjo - Kertajaya - Viaduck Kertajaya and Jalan Sulawesi, turn right at the end of Taman Persahabatan - Raya Gubeng. Take the left side, turn left at Jalan Karimun Jawa and turn right to Jalan Kayoon – Pasar Keputran. Turn left at Jalan Embong Kemiri to Jalan Panglima Sudirman. Slowly take the right side to turn at the Patung Karapan Sapi and enter Jalan Basuki Rahmat. Stay on the left to find Tunjungan Plaza 4.


From Surabaya-Gresik exit toll road, turn right at Jalan Demak, turn left at the T-junction Jl Demak Kalibutuh- Jalan Tembok Dukuh then turn right into Jalan Arjuno. Take the left side until the crossroad Pasar Kembang, turn left into Jalan Kedungdoro and turn right into Jl Tegalsari - Jl Kombes Pol. M.Duryat up on Jl Basuki Rahmat. Turn to the left to find Tunjungan Plaza 4.


From Juanda Airport and Waru straight north and enter Jalan Ahmad Yani, follow the road about 4.3 km to fly over Wonokromo. Go straight approximately 59 m to the Surabaya Zoo - Jl Raya Darmo. Follow the road towards the north approximately 1.9 km entering Jalan Urip Sumoharjo and Jalan Basuki Rahmat. Stay on the left to find Tunjungan Plaza 4


* Four Points by Sheraton Surabaya - Stasiun Gubeng Lama / Gubeng Lama Train Station for economic class and short destination trains 

4,0 km +/- 15 minutes by car

* Four Points by Sheraton Surabaya - Stasiun Gubeng Baru / Gubeng Baru Train Station for Business and Executive Class, long distance destinations  4,5 km +/- 17 minutes by car

* Four Points by Sheraton Surabaya - Stasiun Pasar Turi / Pasar Turi Train Station for both Economic, Business and Executive Class to the cities at north Java Island area                     

4,5 km +/- 17 minutes by car

* Four Points by Sheraton Surabaya - Terminal Purabaya / Purabaya Bus Station, also wellknow as Terminal Bungurasih 

13,1 km +/- 35 minutes by car

Four Points by Sheraton Surabaya - Juanda International Airport

19,3 km +/- 45 minutes by ca